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Dry Socket "Shiver" Cassette

Image of  Dry Socket "Shiver" Cassette


Dry Socket is an aggressive hardcore-punk outfit from Portland OR. The band is fueled by raw emotion, and is completely unapologetic about their views. While Dry Socket is a new project, the members are no strangers to fast, off-timed, hard hitting music. Their live show leaves no time for a breath of air, the second they start playing, there is no stopping for bullshit. Their new EP "Shiver" is a testament to this attitude and will undeniably leave you floored from start to finish. Cassette is limited to 50 copies, 25 from us and 25 from the band.

*THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM and will ship around the expected release date, which will be sometime in the summer of 2020. All other items purchased with this will ship at that time as well.

Listen to the full EP here:

Pre-order the European version of the cassette at Ugly and Proud Records:

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